About the Journal

PHARMADEMICA : Jurnal Kefarmasian dan Gizi is an Open Access Scientific Journal published by LPPM-KI Politeknik Kesehatan Putra Indonesia Malang (POLTEKKES PIM, formerly AKAFARMA-AKFAR PIM). PHARMADEMICA : Jurnal Kefarmasian dan Gizi publishes original research article in all areas of

1. Clinical Pharmacy

2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

3. Pharmaceutics

4. Community Pharmacy

5. Pharmacognosy

6. Phytochemistry

7. Pharmaceutical Analysis

8. Biochemistry

9. Clinical Nutrition

10. Community Nutrition

11. Functional Foods

PHARMADEMICA : Jurnal Kefarmasian dan Gizi accepts submissions all year round. Editorial board receives the articles from the educators, observers, researchers to be published after having selection, peer review, and serious editing. This journal publishes a manuscript written in Indonesian, twice a year in March and September.